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Corey Carrington is an accomplished poet, collagist, and curator from the Northside of Pittsburgh. Carrington’s work in performance and visual art have been seen at the August Wilson Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Wood Street Galleries, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, BOOM Concepts, and The University Gallery/Frick Fine Arts Building. Carrington curated his first exhibition, Electric Kool-Aid, in 2017 for the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. In 2019 he curated his second exhibit, BREATHE, an exclusively Black show, at Iamb Gallery. He received his B.S. in Communication and Creative Writing from Slippery Rock University in 2011. Professionally, Corey has been a changemaker with organizations such as, Allegheny Youth Development, Partner 4 Work, Contemporary Craft, and the Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh.


I believe that art is for all people, everyone is an artist, and through this realization has the power to create the world they wish to see. My practice is used to initiate positive social change while exploring themes of identity, connectivity, community, and individuality. I am inspired by the complexity of the African-American experience and how society values that experience. As the son of a Black mother from Pittsburgh and an Afro-Guyananese father my work seeks to to give visibility to the triple consciousness of my Black, Guyanese, and African identities. 

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